domenica 5 aprile 2015

Practicing deceit

While skimming one of Gombrowicz's books I stumbled over this sentence by Zeromski : 'It is impossible to fight with what the soul has chosen.Like a vast amount of so-called aphorisms this Zeromski thing is total shit, unless one means by it that the necessary existence of the soul, with all its hypothetical qualities, has been proven, which is not the case. The Internet bazaar (Twitter nd Facebook) is crowded with such nonsensical items. One fashions an idea to produce logical monsters, there is nothing wrong with it, of course, such intellectual dishonesty is not intended to harm or get unfair advantage. Still the result is a practiced deceit. Sentences can be nonsensical yet they allow a certain understanding of ourselves (see on this, Wittgenstein, Tractatus).

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