giovedì 9 aprile 2015

Surrender monkeys to the neo-liberal forces

Obviously, the on-and-off of fascism is a bear on most Italian leftwingers backs, but the Left isn't helping. They would have overextended themelves but made it back, if the Left hadn't pushed them. You can't threaten leftwingers with locking them in some dim rooms as if they were children and expect that to help! The poor Italian Left is out of its depth. Neither the Left nor anything else is helping them, and they really need help. The’ve fallen into a frozen gully and have lost consciousness. Hopefully, the leftwingers will come to when they start shaking uncontrollably and make it back despite the injured ankle and the onset of hypothermia.  Italy certainly isn't timid with her cliffhangers. One needs to have done search and rescue. The leftwingers could die out there. They won't because the story can't lose them. They’re going to need to skip the race, though, unless they want that injury to be permanent.

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