giovedì 23 aprile 2015

What a sociopath needs to know

I don’t know why so called normal people make me so uncomfortable. The trouble is, one can never tell a regular person from a sociopath. Choosing to mix with people whom others would think of mixing with it’s a bit like travelling to one of these wonderful places in the Middle East, on the edge of the desert, between the desert and the sea. You hope it'll not be an unattractive desert - dark brown sand and modern buildings with no architectural style. And of course  it’s a five hour flight, and you start being terribly nervous going on El Al, thinking it’s bound to have a bomb on it, you'll keep thinking on the plane I’m about to be blown up, so I’m here one moment, about to disappear the next.

I know there is a particular pattern sociopaths follow, the way they keep their victims in bondage, nice to them one day meanly manipulative the next. But that doesn’t help either. In their own perverse ways they are quite rational. I know they lie a lot. But that’s also s what normal people do. If I had to choose between the company of a normal person and a caught sociopath I’d be more keen on the latter. At least I’d know where I stood with him

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