giovedì 2 aprile 2015

The thick wall around the abscess. On Fascism

‘The dreadnaught of fascism shall never stamp out the beauty of individual liberty’ (Paul Ron). This is rubbish.  On the off chance that you take the inconvenience to sift through the rubbish you learn some things, unpleasant ad they may be. The spread of fascism is inevitable and inherent to the system of power relations.An infection affecting the brain and spinal cord can go septic (Paul Ron is a physician), or if he gets into the bone it’s hard for the antibiotics to get to the site. It won't heal unless it is opned up, which means surgery. When avoiding fascists is not possible, mitigating the conflict by a delusional idea of beauty leads to nothing. 

See also on this point Foucault (Histoire de la sexualité): 

'Là où il y a pouvoir, il y a résistance et […] pourtant, ou plutôt par là même, celle-ci n’est jamais en position d’extériorité par rapport au pouvoir.' 

‘When there is power there is resistance, and consequently this resistance is never in a position of exteriority in relation to power”

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