martedì 31 marzo 2015

Choosing the right show

‘If you’re not already intrigued’, a friend of mine said to me recently, ‘then try: About how to get away with Murder’. He was right. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is everything one hopes one’s Criminal Law professor will be. She’s sexy and alarming.

Everyone has his/her drug of choice. I get this little rush of adrenaline whenever my chosen characters materialize on screen. The rest of the time I'm just waiting for them to appear. Annalise Keating  may be amoral but I love her.

lunedì 30 marzo 2015

Establishing contact with garbage

Italy is virtually unaware of its social motivations and political texture let alone the incapacity of competing with the real giants. A comedian is allowed to whittle away the international agenda if the agenda is understood to be theatrical. If one tried to convince the Germans or the French or the British that the Italians do their best to develop better thinking skills so that every thought and decision is improved they would be every bit as mystified and horrified as the Italians are by the German or French or British lack of farcical energy.

domenica 29 marzo 2015

Exercising discretion

As justice shape is largely determined by ignorance, bouncing one's stupidity in the face of a culprit is an acceptable way of making a living as a judge but good sentencing is considered obscene. The papers carry stories of innocent people moved on from honest temptation and thrown out of public exteem because they dared to give their judges a detailed account of how innocence is preserved for some and lost for others.

Un regalo agli amici omosessuali italiani. Emmerdale vs Un posto al sole

Non ho più molta voglia di scrivere in italiano. In fondo chi me lo fa fare quando da bilingue e non essendomi mai sentito veramente italiano (salvo essere nato a Roma) ma cresciuto come inglese potrei tranquillamente abiurare in toto il sistema del "sì"? Ma a quei poveri amici italiani i cui uccelli battono per i corvi, e ai quali ho sempre cercato di far capire come sia meglio dedicarsi alla passera - non perché sia necessariamente più appetibile ma perché meno frustrante in termini di aspettazioni di rappresentazione nelle produzioni televisive e cinematiche, a quei poveri amici italiani omosessuali, che si trovano a sopportare l'agenda politca di una banda tra l'altro minoritaria di bigotti, che contesta e boicotta un bacettino di due adolescenti mostrato pure da lontano, nel pappone preserale di Un posto al sole, andrebbe fatto un regalo: un clip di baci tra due veri corvi (immagine di ciò che è veramente maschio, l'insopprimibile accento delle Dales) in un'analogo pappone preserale britannico, Emmerdale. Di modo che loro, questi ottimi amici omosessuali italiani, possano fnalmente dire a tutti quegli omofobi e omofobe, cioè a tutti quegli omosessuali nel più profondo e a tutte quelle fasciste a cui piace essere picchiate da mariti omofobi": così va il resto del mondo, così ticchetta il resto del pianeta, il pianeta che conta, alla faccia vostra, delle vostre Antonelle Clerici e di tutto il carrozzone provincialcattoidiotafascista.

What makes the perfect murder perfect is its illogicity

If you plot to commit the perfect murder you know that any possible association between it you and the victim would make the murder not perfect, which means that the only living person who knows who committed the perfect murder is you. But this makes the perfect murder imperfect since you have established a connection between you and the victim.

venerdì 27 marzo 2015

competing for literary supremacy

My love for alliteration aside, I love almost everything that Plautus staged: from his generous, generative jests to his jolly jokes jetting off his short jibes:

SOS. … Priu’ multo ante aedis stabam quam illo adveneram 
AMPH. Quas, malum, nugas? Satin tu sanus es ... (Amph., 603-04) 

SOS. I had been standing at the door before I got there! 
AMPH. A plague on you! Are in your senses? 

(Amphitryo annoyed by his slave Sosia's crazy sounding story).

More on Italian public bigotry perpetuation

The public outrage sparked by the first all-male kiss aired on one of the RAI channels was in the air. “The country is not ready!” The convenient, neck-saving thing for the bigots to say and their main axiom once again were the same.

Self preservation is what is at stake here. Bigots have only one goal in mind: produce their shit as long as possible and prosper on it. At the expense of everything else. Like Beelzebub they aren’t megalomaniacal as much as manipulative and amoral, but unlike him they do most everything without any great deal of understatement or humor, and consider the territorial and political ‘agenda’ to be just that which is required by pure hatrage. They represent something of a middle ground between statics and dynamics. They can only be analyzed with the help of a formal dichotomy. There is no drug that can tamp down their hallucinations and delusions. They belong to psichiatry, and one should never interfere with psychiatry when only psichiatry has the answer.

'Now bugger off''. On Italian bigotry.

It's funny how a few petty bigots have a whole country on tenterhooks. They just cannot leave their noses out of things. There's a bigger world out there and their little narrow view on how it should work is getting in the way of the big picture. The country must be sick of their games but I think it puts up with it because it’s gradually understanding how deep stupidity runs through. Besides, the non-bigots are in their own bubble at the moment to even think about anyone's lack of integrity but their own. No sign that they will shut these bigots down epically. No hope that this disgusting television scrutiny of a bunch of sectarians ends soon because nobody really wants them to bugger off.