venerdì 27 marzo 2015

More on Italian public bigotry perpetuation

The public outrage sparked by the first all-male kiss aired on one of the RAI channels was in the air. “The country is not ready!” The convenient, neck-saving thing for the bigots to say and their main axiom once again were the same.

Self preservation is what is at stake here. Bigots have only one goal in mind: produce their shit as long as possible and prosper on it. At the expense of everything else. Like Beelzebub they aren’t megalomaniacal as much as manipulative and amoral, but unlike him they do most everything without any great deal of understatement or humor, and consider the territorial and political ‘agenda’ to be just that which is required by pure hatrage. They represent something of a middle ground between statics and dynamics. They can only be analyzed with the help of a formal dichotomy. There is no drug that can tamp down their hallucinations and delusions. They belong to psichiatry, and one should never interfere with psychiatry when only psichiatry has the answer.

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