giovedì 2 aprile 2015

Rumors that a spaceship has been seen near Rome

Last week I'd wanted to check on the doomsday subjects of the Italian television 'salon set'. I’d expected them to be all dead and buried. They were as wild and alive as ever. Those who like such drugs, all this constantly being a hair-breadth away from declaring a major incident (so forced as to outrage belief) will like this. As bad as it sounds none of these shows has 'living in the wild for a long period of time' as a premise. It's all about 'what I can do to survive until I'm back or am rescued'. One character reminded me of the story of the wicked undersecretary usurping the birthplace of a cocain dealer. The detection of his guilt by the suddden appearance on one of the screens inside this TARDIS of another politician whom I'd thought long dead was more than I could swallow. The defect in the narrative might have been neglected if the sordid details had not been so arranged as to kill the attention before the show even got started .

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